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As a preferred partner to many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality chemistry and API production services to our clients. With a close-knit company culture, we also offer exciting opportunities for progression whilst delivering a number of services to the pharma industry.

Offering competitive salaries and a range of employee benefits such as private healthcare, bonuses, and a pension scheme, here at Onyx we also understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

So, if you’re hard-working, adaptable and up for a challenge, get in touch to talk about your career with Onyx today.

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Life at Onyx

At Onyx Scientific, no two days are the same. Our team are the experts in their fields, able to tackle the most complex challenges. Saying that, here at Onyx our team never stop learning. We’re proud to provide a positive working environment and are continually upgrading our laboratories.

Our people are passionate and strive to deliver the highest of standards for our clients, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun. We offer a relaxed environment coupled with a sociable culture. From staff nights out to team building days, we work hard to keep our team close-knit.

Don’t just take our word for it, why not take a look at what some of our team think about life at Onyx…

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A typical day at Onyx is very varied. From checking in on GMP work and writing monographs for upcoming projects to organising the workload and supporting others in the team, it’s never boring.

I joined Onyx having worked in a previous role for a different company as I wanted the opportunity for progression within an expanding company and I wanted to relocate back to the North East to be closer to my family.

Now, I’m in the role of Team Leader overseeing both GMP and non-GMP projects.

Being based in Sunderland not only means I’ve got easy access to transport links to get to work, and to nearby Newcastle, but also means there’s loads to do right on my door step.

If I had to describe Onyx in three words I’d say varied, interesting and fun.”

Paula, Analytical Chemist



“Having graduated from Durham University with a PHD specialising in flow chemistry,

Onyx seemed like a good fit to be able to expand on my studies. I’ve always enjoyed chemistry so love getting involved in different projects and learning new chemistry techniques at Onyx.

In a typical day I could be analysing results, starting new reactions and preparing for new projects so the days seem to go by very quickly.

For me, one of the biggest drivers is that I know the chemistry I’m doing is going to be used. I’m not just experimenting, the chemistry we’re working on has an impact on people.

I live in nearby Durham, so have an easy commute to Sunderland for work but the North East is full of things to do in my spare time too. I love visiting the local heritage sites across the region as well as nature reserves and the seaside. Not to mention the local night life which is always great for a night out with the team.

Carl, Chemist



I’ve been at Onyx for over 10 years and have been involved in pretty much every aspect of what we do at some point. At the moment my main focus is development into scale-up, so I focus on processes and R&D.

Throughout my time at Onyx, I’ve been able to climb the career ladder as the company has grown as there are many opportunities for progression.

In a typical day I’ll be analysing reactions, planning upcoming projects with our team of chemists and solving problems as they arise. These days, the types of projects we work on are much more challenging but also really rewarding.

To describe Onyx in three words I’d say challenging, friendly and rewarding.

Outside of work, I like exploring the local countryside with my family. There are lots of National Trust sites within the North East and there’s lots to do with my children.

Chris, Team Leader



I was attracted to Onyx due to the set-up in terms of both the equipment available and operationally. The facilities to do my job were just what I was looking for when I was looking for a new role.

I started as a senior scientist, later becoming a manager of both people and projects.

For me, what I love about Onyx is the variety. Not just when it comes to the role, but the different experience amongst the team and the types of projects we’re working on.
I’m working shoulder to shoulder with a team of experts, but we’re all still learning.

Having relocated here specifically to work for Onyx, I love that there’s lots to do outside of work. You don’t have to live in London to have a busy social life!

The North East is home to the Sage, which is great for live music and performances. Plus, there’s loads to do around Sunderland and Newcastle. There really is something for everyone.

John, Senior Solid State Scientist