Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in our continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing services at our site in Sunderland. This allows our clients to explore alternative routes during research and development programmes to achieve a smarter way of developing compounds.

Utilising continuous flow chemistry is a novel approach to manufacturing APIs, overcoming the requirement for the time-consuming and costly process of batch manufacturing. As a result, our continuous flow manufacturing services can deliver a greater return on spend for drug developers.

Our high performance continuous flow chemistry capabilities have enabled us to assist companies to efficiently develop and produce APIs. The system has made better use of our laboratory space, resulting in improved turnaround through quicker output, and has increased the flexibility of our manufacturing.

Quick, efficient and competitive continuous flow chemistry and API manufacturing has made for some very happy clients.

Our continuous flow chemistry services include:

  • Flowsyn system from Uniqsis with PC control for data logging and automated software capable of running up to 20 mL/min flow rate or 28.8 L/day
  • Reaction throughput of mg up to 500 g
  • Stainless steel and chemically resistant high pressure components
  • Temperature range up to 260ᵒC (stainless steel coil) or 160ᵒC (PTFE coil)
  • Low temperature reactions (down to -70ᵒC) can be accommodated by placing the coil in a cooling bath
  • Choice of carrying coil lengths from 2 mL to 20 mL
  • Longer coil lengths can be accommodated in the system (if required)
  • Two channel reagent delivery system up to 100 bar pressure (20 bar standard back pressure). Either bottle fed or using injection loops
  • Mixing of reagents via a T-piece and/or a 2.5 mL chip for efficient mixing
  • Mixer block/chip reactor (2.5 mL) for small scale reactions that require fast mixing or are exothermic
  • Capable of running up to 10 sequential reactions and collecting the results as fractions or steady state samples for process optimisation
  • System suitable for column reactors (packed with reagents, catalysts and/or scavengers). System not suitable for use with gases (H2, CO etc.)
  • Chemistry under investigation: SNAr, nitration, Curtius rearrangement, condensation, Fischer-Indole, bromination and saponifications

If you’d like to know more about our continuous flow chemistry capabilities or any of our contract research and developmentservices, then please get in touch today.