We have developed a systematic high throughput salt screening protocol that enables us to rapidly identify a range of pharmaceutically acceptable salts. This can also be applied to intermediates and fine chemicals, where isolation or purification issues may benefit from salt formation.

We have the capability to perform multiple experiments in parallel, in 96 well plates and with only milligram amounts of sample, using an automated crystallisation platform. So if you have a salt screening or selection challenge, pass it our way.

At the beginning of any study, we can work with you to achieve:

  • A comprehensive understanding of both the physical and chemical properties of the study candidate
  • Quantification of the pKa values of any ionisable groups
  • Selection of the pharmaceutical application counter ions that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS)

We then take you through a comprehensive salt screening process, including:

  • Crystallisation and filtration to achieve a solid crystalline material
  • Characterisation of solid products using high-throughput X-ray powder diffraction (single crystal X-ray diffraction can be outsourced if required)
  • Scale-up of the selected relevant salt versions
  • Further characterisation involving thermal analysis (DSC and TGA), hot stage microscopy imaging, spectroscopy (Raman, NMR and µATR-FTIR), solubility, stability, purity profile and dynamic vapour sorption

Once the optimal solid form has been chosen, our wealth of experience in process development then allows us to generate protocols for reliably producing the desired final form at scale.

If you need a helping hand with salt screening and selection, get in touch today.