With established chemistry expertise in the UK and India along with cost-effective commercial manufacturing capabilities in India, we truly offer the best of both worlds. But it’s more than just our facilities, equipment and expertise that make us stand out from the crowd.

Our friendly and determined team adopts a flexible approach to all projects and is always open to ideas and suggestions to ensure you get the desired outcome. We believe we’re a reliable ‘pair of hands’ for any project and aim to deliver a consistently high level of service at all times.

We truly believe that good communication is the key to project success and to building long-term relationships with our clients. This is why we place such importance on making sure our customers are kept fully informed on the status of their projects. Our clients regard us as an extension of their own team and facilities, which is why we encourage direct and frequent contact with our chemists.

Working with us, you’ll receive detailed weekly updates, comprehensive final reports and process documents relating to your project in addition to regular teleconferences and verbal updates.

And as we are committed to improving customer experience, we also undertake an independent client feedback programme every 12 months to understand where we are performing well and identify areas for improvement going forward.