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Your molecule, our people – it’s good chemistry

Your molecule, our people – it’s good chemistry

Your molecule, our people – it’s good chemistry

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Solid state chemistry

Solid state chemistry is required to understand and control the physical properties of a drug substance and achieve API synthesis. An in-depth understanding of the API is developed through salt screening work (if applicable) where our high throughput methodology ensures a wide range of counterions and solvents are studied.  Solubility is a key parameter throughout this work and detailed solubility testing will help in making the correct choice of salt for onward study.  Understanding the range of forms an API can make and their properties is crucial to deciding on a chosen candidate. Polymorph screening provides this information by producing a detailed form diagram which summarises the findings. Crystallisation development then ensures that the chosen salt and form can be generated reproducibly.

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Onyx Scientific is a small molecule contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) specialising in API development and manufacturing. Good chemistry is at the core of everything we do. From our facilities in the UK and US, our teams of chemists will guide your drug substance development and manufacturing from the moment a lead molecule is identified, taking it into Phase I studies and right through to commercial manufacture.

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